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FAQ's of Online Class and Event Registration Software

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Online Registration – Answered.

Will registrations increase or decrease with the online option?
Enabling online registration for classes and events always increases registrations as it's available 7x24 from any Internet connection. Typical increases in participation are 15-20%.

Branding is really important. Can you match our company or event branding?

Yes. Unlike other vendors that are portal based, Turnstile Systems provides a client / event branded website that mirrors the look and fee of your primary website.

What payment methods do you support?
We support both credit and debit card processing online (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover) and offline payment.

What kind of reporting do you have? Is it real time?
Turnstile Systems supports two types of real time reporting. This includes ad hoc reporting available on most information via one-click export to Excel and standard reporting based on various registration parameters.

What kind of security and tiered access does Turnstile Systems provide?
Turnstile Systems provides the highest level of security available. We are PCIDSS certified, and exclusively utilize security which is much more secure than standard web based applications. In addition data access by your administrative staff is permission based and can be configured based on more than 100 parameters.

Privacy is important, who owns the data and how is it used?
Event registrant data is owned by the Client and not Turnstile Systems. We do not rent, sell, share, license or re-use this information.

We already run a pretty tight ship. Will you really save us staff time and money?
Yes. All our clients have experienced savings--even those who already had online registration systems.

Our event has over 50,000 attendees. Can you handle our volume?
Yes. Turnstile Systems is "industrial strength" and can handle millions of online registrations and credit card payments online and offline.

Can you help us during staff transitions?
Yes. We automatically archive past events and participants and can provide "institutional knowledge" that will help assure the success of future events regardless of your staff turnover.

How long does it take to get started?

We generally create and activate fully enabled client event websites within 2 weeks of receipt of a service agreement and website content.